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Canned & Jarred


Our olives are carefully picked, selected and prepared for packaging in bulk cylinders, according to the demanded quality of our customers and originate from the Mediterranean countries, Portugal and Spain.

Canned & Jarred

We are able to package your private or white label in cans or jars, with a wide range of olives (ripe, sliced, pitted or stuffed), as well as differentiated qualities of mushrooms, pineapple, peach, pickles, tunas, sardines, codfish and octopus.

Our Brands

For customers looking for a finished quality product and ready for the shelf, we also provide our olives, pickles and canned fish brands.

OliveiraVelha Olives Jars
OliveiraVelha Olives Bucket
Canario Pickles
Adamastor Canned Fish
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